Benefits of Ridepanda’s Electric Bike & Electric Scooter Leasing Program

Ridepanda is the best place to go if you need top-quality electric bikes and electric scooters. We provide monthly leasing programs for electric vehicles and we have a team full of e-ride experts to take care of our customers along the way. 

Our leasing program provides employees with a wide variety of curated light electric vehicle options. Choosing this program gives you the benefits of a selection of curated vehicles for micro mobility, customized payment options, repair at PandaHubs, and a lot more.

What is Ridepanda?

We are a team of e-ride experts who have created a one-stop e-ride shop that offers the best electric bikes and electric scooters for lease. Our mission is to help create a world with happier, more efficient towns and cities that run on small, quiet, eco-friendly electric vehicles.

Our leasing program makes it easy to get a high-quality light electric vehicle without having to assemble it, without having a high cost out of pocket, and without having worry about selling it when the time comes.

In addition, our company is full of friendly people who take care of each other and delight in serving our customers. We provide the best customer experience and always ensure everyone feels at home.

Today, Ridepanda is working on becoming a symbol of ethical, environmental, and positive change to make the world a happier, more efficient place that runs on small, quiet, eco-friendly electric vehicles.

We are synonymous with micro mobility, and as such, we provide everything that has to do with making sure our customers have the best possible experience with light electric vehicles. 

What Does the Ridepanda Leasing Program Provide?

We provide organizations with a one-stop e-ride shop for employees to access high quality electric bikes and electric scooters. Within this program, we offer lease to own and purchase options, plus we give our customers many accessories and all the necessary support needed to guarantee the best ongoing experience.

The Ridepanda leasing program includes:

Curated Selection

Our platform allows you to select e-scooters and e-bikes vetted by our e-ride experts for safety, durability, performance, reparability, and sustainability.

Payment Options

We have lease, lease-to-own, and purchase options that provide employees with affordable electric bike and electric scooter options.


Ridepanda PandaHubs are the electric vehicle servicing centers where you’ll pick up your vehicle and bring it for repairs or servicing.

Tune-Up Service Included

Servicing and tune-ups included for leasing customers. Servicing includes safety checks, brake and shifting adjustments, tire inflations, and other minor adjustments. Repairs and maintenance at your address can also be arranged for an additional fee.

Virtual Support

Unlimited virtual video support with one of our e-ride experts is included with every lease.

Vehicle Availability

Our company partners with many manufacturers to ensure our inventory is always available. Our e-ride experts assemble our vehicles and prepare them for pick up within 2-3 weeks of checkout.

Extras Included

Every lease includes what a new rider would need; a helmet, lock, floor pump, & welcome kit.

Test Rides & Swaps

You are always welcome to come into our PandaHub and test ride the electric bikes and electric scooters before making a purchase. However, if you find that the vehicle you leased is not the right fit for you, then bring it in to swap it out for a different model.

Why Get an Electric Bike or Electric Scooter?

According to a WHO study, a person can decrease their heart attack risk by 50 percent if they travel 2.8 miles daily by pedaling on an e-bike. Plus, people who own light electric vehicles are 8.5 times more active than those who do not exercise. Due to exercising, their body generates more endorphins leading to feeling good and having much fun!

Below are more reasons to consider getting an ebike or escooter and why you would use it as your main method of transportation:

Meet Carbon Emission Goals

Traditional vehicles emit CO2 and are not eco-friendly. We help your company achieve sustainability goals by reducing the number of people who use traditional vehicles to commute to work.

Suitable for Adventures

An e-bike is a perfect way to tour the world and have fun without driving a 2-ton polluting vehicle. It is also a fast way of commuting and makes longer distances more comfortable and manageable.

Stress-Free Commuting

Using an electric bike saves you from the discomfort experienced in overcrowded buses or trains and traffic jams. You can use the electric motor combined with the cycling lanes to get to work on time without sweating all over.

Easy Parking

Finding parking lots for trucks, cars, or SUVs in the city can be challenging. But with an electric bike or electric scooter, you can park it almost anywhere for free.

Save the Planet

E-bikes and e-scooters emit far fewer emissions than cars or motorcycles. Commuting with an e-bike helps keep the environment clean because it means fewer vehicles on the road and less greenhouse gas emissions.


Vehicles for Lease

Our curated e-ride options that suit you and your company’s needs include:

  • Lightweight E-Scooter lease | Starting from $49/month
  • Performance Scooter lease | Starting from $64/month
  • Versatile E-Scooter lease | Starting from $64/month
  • Lightweight E-Bike lease | Starting from $89/month
  • Step-Thru-Flat-Tire lease | Starting from $134/month
  • Casual Commuter lease | Starting from $139/month
  • High-Capacity Motorbike lease | Starting from $154/month
  • Cargo Hauler lease | Starting from $169/month
  • Performance E-Bike lease | Starting from $259/month

How to Get Started?

1. The first step is to ask your employer if your company has already joined Ridepanda. You can also check here by selecting the drop down menu in the middle of the page and and looking for your company name. If your company has connected with Ridepanda, make sure you are aware of the benefits available to you. There could be a stipend available to pay for your monthly lease. Check with your HR or transportation manager to find out. If your organization has not connected with Ridepanda, ask your HR or employee transportation manager to partner with us by emailing:

2. Once your company is set up with us, the next step is to check the light e-vehicles. You can visit our platform here: and select your company name to get started searching for the vehicle of your choice.

3. After you’ve made your selection and paid for the first month, we will begin to work on your order. 

4. Even with the backlog of orders, high demand, and supply chain issues from Covid 19, your new ride will be ready for pickup in our PandaHub approximately 2 to 3 weeks after placing an order. We will keep you in the loop.