Building A Better E-Bike & E-Scooter Solution for Corporate Employees

At Ridepanda, we have been tirelessly working to review as many electric vehicles as we can so we can make sure to always recommend a trusted, vetted option. Specifically, we focus our selection criteria on performance, safety, sustainability, durability, and repairability for electric bikes and electric scooters.

So this means that if you have shopped with Ridepanda before, then you would be able to rest assured that you’re getting a top-notch, high-quality light electric vehicle that has been vetted by a team of Industry experts.

And this was something thousands of people came to rely on; a high quality e-commerce brand that supplied only high-quality e-bikes & e-scooters.

In business, just like life, the one constant is change.

We have changed the way people can purchase from us today. A sort of out with the old e-commerce purchasing and in with the new corporate leasing/purchasing.

We made this change for many reasons but ultimately it was very difficult to have a level of quality control on the vehicles as they were transitioning around the United States during shipping. Many times items in transit would result in components breaking Inside the box, porch theft, or derailleur parts needing a mechanic to adjust them properly during assembly.

So as you can imagine, this created numerous problems for our customers and the business.  Several issues we took upon ourselves to fix at our own expense just to take care of our customers. But ultimately, we realized it wasn’t the best experience for everyone and that model was not going to make it far in the long run.


Out With The Old & In With The New

Our new approach applies what we have learned into a new product offering. This product allows us to have more control over the vehicles we offer which reduces a catalog of over 50 vehicles down to about 6 choices.

This lets us make sure we are only offering vehicles that are of the highest quality, have sufficient stock levels, and have replacement parts available.

The next big change is that we are only operating out of our local PandaHub locations, starting with New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle. Before we would ship anywhere in the US and that caused the majority of our issues.

Now, our customers can pick up their e-bike or e-scooter from one of our PandaHubs. On top of that, our team of e-ride experts assembles, tests, and prepares each vehicle by hand for every customer.

This makes sure nobody is left with a huge e-bike box at their door, a giant mechanical puzzle to assemble, and possible broken parts to replace. All a thing of the past now.

Another big change we are making to expand access to e-bikes and e-scooters is the launch of our lease program!

As of now, access to our lease program is limited to those who are signed up through our corporate benefits program. If your employer is signed up, you can log in here:

If your employer isn’t signed up, feel free to reach out to your benefits team and share this link to get your company registered at no cost. To learn more, go to

If you are interested in leasing through our upcoming public lease offering, sign up for our waitlist at

With our new program focus, our purchase and lease offerings will be as follows:

Lease (From $49/month*)

Includes the following:

  • Expert Assembly and Onboarding ($100-$200 Value)
  • Welcome Kit ($20 Value)
  • Leased Helmet, Lock, & Pump ($50 Value Each Year)
  • 4x Annual Tune Ups ($300 Value Each Year)
  • Unlimited Virtual Support (+$60 Value Each Year)
  • Repair at Local PandaHub ($100 Value Per Year)
  • Option to swap or upgrade vehicle 1x per year
  • Option to buy out the vehicle and accessories**

$630+ Value for Free in First Year

* Leases require a 12-month lease commitment.

** Buy out the vehicle after 12/18/24/30/36 months at pro-rated prices

Purchase (From $650)

Includes the following:

  • Expert Assembly and Onboarding ($200 Value)
  • Welcome Kit ($20 Value)

$120+ Value for Free w/Purchase