Service with Care Is the Real Deal at Ridepanda

We do a lot to take care of our customers and make sure that everyone is happy with their purchase.

I can not get this man off of that e-bike” – Gail

Then, they waited… and waited. An unexpected delay with the manufacturer due to problems at their warehouse turned from days to weeks. Gail & Kenneth were naturally anxious and upset about the wait, and questioned whether or not we at Ridepanda were doing all we could to ensure their bike would arrive. We not only pushed the manufacturer for clarity at every step, but we gave Gail & Kenneth a discount to help make things right.

Finally, the bike was released from the warehouse. Upon arrival, Gail & Kenneth called, upset to discover that this original model did not come with pedals. As it turned out, due to a mistake in our website inventory, we had displayed the specs for the Jetson Bolt Pro, which has pedals, rather than the original, which does not. At that point we decided to fully refund Gail & Kenneth for their purchase- although the shipping delay was out of our control, the mistake in specs was ours to own. Here at Ridepanda, we believe in honesty, owning our mistakes, and doing right by the customer- even at our own cost.

The story might have ended there: unhappy customers who got the wrong product, and the company taking the loss on the sale. As it turned out- Kenneth absolutely loves his bike! So much though that Gail jokingly complains “I can’t get this man off of that bike!” He takes it everywhere. He’s proud! And best of all, he’s having fun.

Within a month of use, Kenneth found that his front tire was worn all of the way down to the tread, and both tires were flat after blowing their innertubes. This indicated intense usage, but also questionable quality of rubber and other materials. With our Pandacare plan, we set about finding Gail & Kenneth tires, tubes and a local bike shop that would do repairs.

What makes Pandacare so special? Most manufacturers leave the customer to figure out repairs, maintenance and any other problems on their own. Beyond making your purchase, there’s little help to be found. At Ridepanda, we’re dedicated not just to finding our customers the best LEV for their needs, but ensuring that they have access to the best services to care for their new vehicle and extend its life.

Kenneth was not happy that his new tires already went bald

It took some time to find a local bike shop that would repair electric bikes as well as the innertubes and tires in the correct size, which were out of stock with the manufacturer (in addition to our concerns about the manufacturer’s quality standards. We were finally able to source and ship the needed products and arrange an appointment at the bike shop with a recommended vetted mechanic.

Kenneth is now back on the road, enjoying his eBike! Every step of the way, our customer support team went the extra mile and had his back. That’s who we are at Ridepanda. We believe in LEVs, and we believe that anyone who wants it should have access to an LEV that fits their needs and lifestyle.

Kenneth enjoying his e-bike after getting repaired by Ridepanda

Take a look at what Kenneth has to say about Ridepanda! We’re here to help you find the best LEV for your needs 🙂

Kenneth’s 5 star review for his experience with Ridepanda