Dude, Where’s my E-Bike? The State of LEV Shipping in 2021

Right now is an amazing time to shop for an electric vehicle. The market is absolutely exploding with new takes on the scooter, bike, and moped. There’s something out there for every type of rider–whether you are looking for a light, affordable scooter for zipping to work, or a high-performance dirt bike for hitting the trail on weekends.

So it’s no surprise that demand for LEVs has skyrocketed! In addition to the proliferation of exciting products, and growing public awareness of electric vehicles thanks to rental programs in major cities, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven sales to new heights. Many people are reorganizing their lives, and the switch to an LEV can be a game-changer! Some are ditching the commute to work from home, and scaling down from an extra family vehicle. Others are looking for a viable alternative to public transportation. Still others are feeling stuck inside and looking for a fun way to expand their outdoor recreation.

Here’s the tricky part–this means that manufacturers are getting hit with unprecedented levels of demand at precisely the same time as the pandemic is placing a chokehold on supply. Worker shortages due to outbreaks all over the globe lead to unexpected bottlenecks in international shipping, with some ships sitting still in the water at their destination for days or weeks, waiting to be unloaded. Even for US-based manufacturers, this means delays of unknown length on indispensable components.

So what does this mean for Ridepanda? Above all it means that we’re in frequent communication with our suppliers to get the most up-to-date information on their stock and expected ship dates. The estimated shipping times that you see on our storefront represent our best guess based on the most recent updates from the manufacturer. Unfortunately they are not a guarantee, as unexpected changes in availability happen every day! If a product you have ordered becomes unavailable or goes on pre-order/backorder, we’ll reach out to you promptly to check in.

We want to match you with a great ride in a time frame that works for you! If you absolutely need your electric vehicle by a certain date, please contact us directly and Ridepanda Support will ensure that you find a ride to meet your needs right away!