Electric Scooter Subscription from Ridepanda

Get a Segway Ninebot Max or an Okai electric kick scooter.

Electric scooters are excellent vehicles to use to get around. You simply hop on, give it a push to 2 mph, hit the throttle and away you’ll go. You can take an e-scooter across the town you live in, to school, to work, to run errands, to go on dates, the list is endless.

Here are some of the main reasons we love e-scooters:

  • Very low maintenance: no gas, oil or any other fluids required
  • Better for the environment: no exhaust emissions
  • More practical than a car in a city: the Segway Max can go up to 18.6mph in most bike lanes and scoot right past the traffic

However, as great as electric kick scooters are, owning these light electric vehicles can be improved with a different approach to ownership.

Changing the Game for Electric Scooter Ownership

We have had plenty of people tell us enough stories to the point where we have realized the issues that most people face.

  • Most people would like a top of the line model at an affordable price.
  • People who live in the city are concerned about theft.
  • Spending more than $800 out of pocket on an e-scooter is a challenge.
  • Getting approval for financing is not easy or in most cases not possible.
  • Maintenance isn’t a concern at purchase but can be a challenge later on.

Sound familiar?

We thought if we could create a ownership solution that solved these issues, then more people would choose to own electric scooters. By increasing the number of people riding around on e-scooters, we are supporting Ridepanda’s mission to help create a world with happier, more efficient towns and cities that run on small, quiet, eco-friendly electric vehicles.

How Ridepanda Improved Electric Scooter Ownership

We took the number one performing e-scooter on the market and made it available at an affordable price point. We also wanted to remove the other challenges of ownership as well. So beyond fixing the out-of-pocket costs, we also tossed out the credit checks and made it so anyone who wants an e-scooter can get one.

After we removed the cost barrier that was preventing lots of people from buying an e-scooter, we then worked at removing the challenges and issues people were facing after they owned one.

What happens when the e-scooter stops working as expected?

Safety is our top priority. We want to make sure in the event of breakdown/vehicle failure/feature malfunction, etcetera… that if something like this happens, all someone has to do is report the issue to us.

From there, we will take care of the issue by either repairing their vehicle or swapping it out with another unit, in a timely manner, for no additional cost.

We Love the Environment; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our mission at Ridepanda is to remove as many 2-ton polluting vehicles from the road as possible so we all can have a healthier, safer environment to live in.

With our program, we believe that it backs up our mission. By removing the barriers that prevent people from owning an e-scooter today, more people will start to use electric scooters as their main method of transportation.

However, we are very aware that electric scooters are built with plastic components and many of them are made elsewhere in the world. We took into consideration the tremendous amount of production and also waste that goes into electric scooters.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We built a circular economy into our subscription model. When a person decides to stop, or cancel their subscription, they return the vehicle to us and we will refresh this vehicle.

In other words, we make the used e-ride like new and we get it ready for somebody else to use so it can be returned to the road.

This model helps us to reduce the number of fossil burning vehicles on the road, helps us to reuse e-scooters, and we recycle as many parts that we possibly can.

“60% of the time when someone leaves their home, they travel less than 5 miles away…
We would love to see more people jump on electric scooters and have some fun along the way!

FAQs and How to Sign Up

We understand that you probably have a lot of questions about this so we have created a dedicated page where we have added more information and addressed frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the information that you need you can feel free to reach out to us on the phone, live chat, or via email.

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