Innovating in the E-Bike Industry

Demand has created very short supply around the globe

As the flowers come out with the warmer spring weather, people all across the country are starting to think about their beloved springtime activities. For many, that means taking out the bicycle, tuning it up and getting ready for a ride.

For those looking to acquire and ride on an electric bike, they are trying to buy an e-bike right now. And there are tens of millions of people right now searching the internet for the perfect e-bike.

All this demand has created very short supply around the globe which has left some manufacturers creating pre-order waitlists for 2023 on some models.

Yes, you read that right. Not this spring 2021, not next spring 2022, but the spring after that. Unfortunately, a trend that’s looking like it will continue before supply can catchup with this massive demand.

According to Forbes “[The bike industry is] now placing orders 12 to 24 months in advance when historically we were placing orders with 45- and 60-day lead times.”

In the meantime, the industry could use some real innovation to connect the right available supply to the millions of people looking to buy a new e-bike this year.

How We Are Innovating

We Track Supply and Shipping Times
At Ridepanda, we not only vet the best e-bikes and make them available to own, we also keep track of supply and shipping times from the factory to your doorstep. This allows you to sort by availability and shipping time to locate an e-bike that will be delivered to you in a reasonable period of time.

Here is our complete list of delivery times for all of our inventory, including our e-bike delivery times.

We Help You Find the Perfect E-Bike for Your Needs
There are many different types and styles of electric bicycles out there. Our e-ride experts have created a very simple way that anyone can answer a few questions and be shown a short-list of the vehicles that match their criteria.

If you compare your results from our Ridefinder Quiz with the delivery times we have posted, anyone should be able to find the perfect e-ride that’s delivered in a reasonable period of time.

New Services
We want to make sure that people on e-bikes have everything they could need to make ownership as rewarding as possible. To that extent, we created Pandacare; the ultimate peace of mind with everything you need to enjoy your ride — roadside assistance, theft insurance, our maintenance plan, and a proven anti-theft lock.

Learn more about Pandacare and request your free quote

We Are a Team of E-Ride Experts Ready to Help
We know and understand light electric vehicles are new to most people. But our team has been emerged in e-rides for years now! That is what led the founders to create Ridepanda in the first place. They want to help everyone find the right light electric vehicle so more people would ditch the gas guzzler and opt to ride on their eco-friendly e-bike, e-scooter or e-moped instead.