San Francisco Bay Area Programs for “Clean Cars for All”

Program focuses on improving public health by removing old vehicles

California is now taking more measures to have a greener and cleaner environment. The Golden State is targeting a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which is lower than the 1990 levels.

With the transport sector contributing the highest environmental emissions, accounting for about 40% in California, the state aims to have more clean cars on the roads with the Clean Cars for All program.

The program is tailored to help residents retire their old vehicles. Apart from minimizing greenhouse emissions, the program also focuses on improving public health, having a habitable environment, and strengthening the economy primarily for disadvantaged communities.

Who is Eligible for Clean Cars for All Program?

To be eligible for the Clean Cars for All program, you must have the following qualifications:

  • You must be a resident in one of the eligible areas or communities in the Bay Area.
  • Your household income must fall within the specified income brackets, usually below the income cap.
  • Make sure your car’s California Certificate of Title is registered under your name. Still, the vehicle should be the registered in California and should be a model of 2005 or older. The requirements can change over time, so you can sign up to get notified through the Clean Cars for All mailing list. Cars that are non-eligible for the program include those vehicles under transfer of ownership, registered to a business, or vehicles that are salvaged or dismantled and are not registered.
  • New applicants to the Clean Cars for All program are also eligible provided they haven’t participated in other somewhat similar programs before, such as Replace Your Ride, Drive Clean Assistance Program, Clean Vehicle Assistance Program, among others. If you are an owner or joint owner of a car under this program, you will only get one incentive amount enough to buy a replacement vehicle or a transportation option such as an electric bike. Also, each eligible household will receive only one incentive amount.

Incentives the Program Offers

The vehicle you choose and your household’s income will determine the incentives you’ll receive.

On average, households will receive an incentive of about $8,500 and an average vehicle cost of $28,000. If your household comprises more than one person, you can buy more e-bikes with $7,500 grants.

Those who opt to turn in their old cars can buy an ebike or receive a prepaid card to use in public transit.

How To Retire Your Old Vehicle

First, you need to complete the application to verify that you are eligible for the Clean Cars for All initiative. You will need to avail some documents for verification in the application, including a copy of your California driving license, income verification, vehicle verification history, form W-9, proof of residency, and operability.

Next, take your car to an approved dismantler who will do a pre-inspection to verify your vehicle’s eligibility. Note that you must go to a dismantler that is authorized under this program. Alternatively, you can request to have the pre-inspection done virtually. The dismantlers will then send copies of the car report to the Air District, and you also keep copies of the program materials.

Once everything is verified and your car passes the pre-inspection, you will sign a contract to certify that you agree to the terms and conditions of the Clean Cars for All Program. The Air District will then issue you an award letter.

You can receive grants worth of up to $7,500 if you want to purchase mobility options such as e-bikes, public transport, or car sharing.

Last, you need to turn in your used vehicle into one of the authorized dismantlers.

Important Note: you won’t be funded if you purchase your vehicle from non-authorized dealerships or before the award letter date.

Embrace The Clean Cars for All Program

The exhaust from older cars contaminates the air, leading to climate change, which impacts the health of everyone who has to breath it in. Many communities live near freeways and busy roads, which expose them to harmful emissions. The continued exposure leads to high rates of cancer, asthma, among other pollution-related diseases.

Therefore, when you get rid of your vehicle for an e-bike, you’re playing a significant part in embracing a greener, healthier environment.

Additionally, when you exchange your old car for the electric-powered option, you’ll make considerable savings since electricity is cheaper than gas. You will also incur fewer maintenance expenses and so you will rarely have your ebike serviced.

Make the Air Cleaner by Riding an E-Bike

The transport sector continues to contribute the highest levels of harmful exhaust emissions. This has lead to the creation of the Clean Cars for All program and setting the goal to help achieve a cleaner environment for the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Think about it.

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