Taking Care of Uber Eats Delivery Drivers in NYC

Call, text and email and get prompt, clear and thorough support (& in español)

Carlos is a delivery driver for Uber Eats in New York City. At Ridepanda we are looking to give essential workers a better option for transportation. Riding a quality ebike or escooter means faster deliveries, safer riding, and earning more money.

Carlos is also a Spanish speaker, and a proud Venezuelan. At Ridepanda, we decided from the beginning to ensure that customers who do not speak English are welcomed and receive the same top quality service as English speakers. Overcoming language barriers is about more than rote translation.

Carlos enjoying his Lectric XP in New York City

While email and other commonly used applications generally offer translation, there’s no replacement for support agents who can communicate fluently with customers in their native language. We know our customers are trusting us with one of the most important parts of their life: reliable transportation for work, play and family.

Carlos was thrilled that he could call, text and email us at any time and get prompt, clear and thorough support in Spanish. At every step of the process from ordering his Letric XP, to discussing accessories that could help him in his delivery work, to delivery and repairs, Carlos had the peace of mind that we were there for him.

Carlos riding his Lectric XP in a parking lot in New York City

When he originally received his Letric and assembled it, he found there was an issue with getting the battery to charge. Ridepanda support was able to coordinate support from the manufacturer to get the issue resolved all in Spanish, and to ensure that Carlos got on his way as quickly as possible.

Here at Ridepanda we value every customer. We go above and beyond to ensure that everyone gets the support they need to fully enjoy their e-Ride. We love supporting a diverse customer base and serving multiple needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help!

Carlos is very happy with his Lectric XP from Ridepanda