Welcome to Ridepanda

The best way to discover, buy and own light electric vehicles

Hi there!

We’re Chinmay Malaviya and Charlie Depman. We’re the co-founders of Ridepanda, and we are proud to bring you the world’s first one-stop platform for discovering, buying, and owning the best e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-mopeds (we like to call them e-rides).

Our world is at the beginning of a massive shift in mobility and transportation. We believe e-rides have only just begun to transform our cities and neighborhoods into safer, cleaner, quieter places to live, work, and play. At Ridepanda, we’re on a mission to accelerate that transformation.

Our years spent working at e-ride sharing companies including Bird, Lime, and Scoot taught us every part of what makes an e-ride more reliable, efficient, and fun than conventional, carbon-emitting modes of personal transportation. And starting today, we’re excited to bring our expertise to you.

For us, launching Ridepanda isn’t simply about helping you make smart shopping choices throughout your e-ride journey (although we’re great at doing that). Our broader mission is to raise awareness around the threat of pollution and climate change, and help inspire more people to embrace the need to end our reliance on large, loud, dangerous, gas-guzzling cars as a primary form of transportation.

Sustainability has always been a personal passion of ours. Back in 2007—well before we knew each other—our first jobs were with environmental non-profits in India and China, respectively. Eventually, our passion for the environment led us to the up-and-coming world of electric vehicle startups emerging in the Bay Area at the time. Today, after many years in the industry and as long time California residents, the need for sweeping action against pollution and climate change has never felt more urgent.

Over the past year, we have seen demand for e-bikes surge at an incredible rate. We believe that this spike is only the beginning of a broader, cultural shift towards a greener and happier future.

Welcome to Ridepanda. We’re so excited to help you find the perfect e-ride.

– Chinmay Malaviya (CEO + Co-founder) & Charlie Depman (CTO + Co-founder)